Oh my, probably one of the worst experiences I have ever had was not knowing what hotel I was staying at! I know that seems impossible but it did happen.

Cindy in Hong Kong

We left from Los Angeles International, had to change planes in Japan and then continued on to Hong Kong. This took 18 hours! We were tired, but excited about being in Hong Kong. A service picked us up at the airport, so we didn’t need to know the name of or how to get to our hotel.

It was dinnertime, even though I wasn’t feeling good, we needed to go out and find something to eat. We could have eaten at the hotel we were staying at, but couldn’t resist stretching our legs and seeing some of Hong Kong while we found our dinner.

We even went to the subway, got our passes and rode around a little. Riding the subway was actually part of the problem. When we were going back to the hotel we got off at the stop we got on at BUT there were half a dozen different ways to leave the subway station and we picked the wrong one. This had us turned around and heading in the wrong direction.

Neither one of us at first could remember the name of our hotel (or we would have taken a cab). We knew we were on the right street, Nathan Road, but if you have ever been to Hong Kong you know this is the main street that goes for miles and miles.

After a while one of us remembered enough of the name that, after asking several people, they were able to point us in the right direction. Once we were going the right way, we luckily were only a couple of blocks away and found our hotel!

If I had not been feeling bad I would have grabbed our itinerary or something with the name of the hotel on it. I always do this, except of course the one time I needed it!

It was actually frightening not knowing the name of our hotel in a foreign country. So please don’t let this happen to you, always have the name of your hotel with you.