Sedona, AZ is no secret. It is a tiny community set against the beautifully sculpted red rock mountains in the high desert of Arizona. On any given day, the roads are crowded with visitors, the restaurants are hopping, and parking is at a premium. So why go? The view, plain and simple. The dramatic red sandstone crags, canyons, and spires are overwhelming. You feel like you are in a special place, with a new vista around every turn.

The area is particularly popular with hikers, bikers, and nature lovers of all stripes. There are trails aplenty to stretch your cubicle-bound legs. Sedona is at an elevation of 4,350 ft, so you may want to take the first day or two to adjust before heading out.

Flagstaff is less than an hour away if you are driving, and both the Grand Canyon or Phoenix, Arizona, are around two hours away.

Over the years, other names for Sedona included Upper Oak Creek, Camp Garden, Red Rock Crossing, and Oak Creek Station. Eventually, it was named after a woman, Sedona. Her mother says that she made up the name because it sounded pretty to her. Today, one nickname for the area is “Red Rock Country.”

Be sure to savor the energy that is all around you. Sedona is a magical place that you must see, even if you only drive-through. You won’t regret it.