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Statues Around the World Have Started Talking

It’s true; there are talking statues. In dozens of parks all around the world, statues have started sharing their stories if you know how. Have you ever walked by a statue and wondered who they were, what they did or why a statue was created? Now, some statues can...

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Luray Caverns Geologically Amazing

Wow is a good word that comes to mind when you visit Luray Caverns in Luray, Virginia. Millions of years in the making the caverns are full of astounding geologic formations to see. Some of the cave ceilings are over 10 stories tall. The formations are in various...

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RuMe Garment Travel Organizer Review

GTO! The RuMe Garment Travel Organizer Packing cubes and garment bag all rolled into one. Lightweight, washable and easy to use. Do you feel organized when you travel? Can you find what you are going to wear easily? Packing cubes are a great way to organize your...

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43 Counties to Visit that Speak English

Are you excited to take your first international trip? But do you worry about not being able to communicate with the locals? Here is a list of the top 43 countries, and a couple of extras at the end, that you may want to visit first. These are countries, starting with...

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