The House/Pet Sitting Solution

The Challenge

We love to travel and saw no way to make it happen. When we were working full-time we could only get away a week at a time. Now semi-retired (with a smaller income) we were free to travel but with no budget.

The Solution

The solution we discovered, that works for us, is housesitting.  In 2017, we were able to go to Europe for nine months, with no hotel costs. We traveled to 11 countries and house sat in six. As of July 2022, we have house sat in 13 countries and completed 83 sits. We love, love animals so this is a win, win for us and our hosts. 

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Thoughts and Tips About House Sitting

Sits Completed as of Mar 1, 2023


Days Housesitting


Dogs vs Cats vs Chickens vs Ducks vs Rabbits vs Turtles vs Tortoises

  • Dogs 46% 46%
  • Cats 40% 40%
  • Chickens 6% 6%
  • Turtles 3% 3%
  • Ducks 2% 2%
  • Rabbits 2% 2%
  • Tortoises 1% 1%

Homeowner Reviews and Comments

San Francisco, USA
Cindy and Tom did a wonderful job with their house sit in my historical San Francisco loft. My cats (a kitten and a senior cat both had issues which Cindy and Tom handled with much patience and attention. I really appreciated the daily updates with a photo. My three month old kitten was still being socialized but he warmed up to the two of them very nicely. This was my first experience with Trusted Housesitters and I couldn’t be more pleased. My loft was nice and clean upon my return and Cindy met with me a week prior to the actual house sit to do a walk-through which I really appreciated. Highly recommend! – Molly

Sonoma, USA
Tom and Cindy did a fabulous job with our aging Ragdoll kitty, Snowflake. When we returned after being gone for a month, Snowflake chose to hang out in their bedroom for a few days instead of ours. I think she missed them! They are true animal lovers! – Debbie



Wiesbaden, Germany
Cindy and Tom are excellent pet and house sitters. They are resourceful, as was evident when their train was canceled as while they were on their way from Switzerland to my house in Germany. They responded quickly to the unexpected situation and made it to my place only an hour later than scheduled. I was happy to receive a number of photos over the week of Jake snuggled up on the couch with Tom and Cindy…a sure sign he is a happy cat! – Yvette

Portland, USA
Cindy and Tom are great! They were great with communication before they arrived and took great care of our rabbits and our house. I would highly recommend them to take care of your pet and your home. Came home to a very tidy home and super happy pets. – Kitty


Rome, Italy
Cynthia and Tom were wonderful house and pet sitters! They took care of our Boston Terrier and 3 cats for nearly two weeks, during a sweltering heat wave, and handled it without complaint. They sent us daily updates and put us at ease the entire time. We came home to a very clean house and happy pets. Couldn’t ask for more! Many thanks!  – Juliet


Oslo, Norway
Cynthia and Tom did a house sit for us in Norway for 5 weeks last Christmas and took wonderful care of our 4 cats and our house. I could totally relax when away as I could see the interest, care and connection they had with our pets, and that was so important for me. They payed great attention to detail which was important, since one of the cats needed medication. The house was in a great condition when we got home and they followed up with photos and Skype during their stay. We are so happy we chose them. They did a great, great job and they have now become our friends. 🙂 We highly recommend them and will definitely ask them again. – Norin

London, United Kingdom
What an amazing couple! From the initial contact to our meeting up with them we knew that Cindy and Tom were going to be perfect house sitters for us. They were warm, reliable and unflapable. They were unfazed when we discussed our pets particular needs. As we were going away for seven weeks they felt it very important that they come a day or two before we left so they could meet the pets, to find out about the them and their routines,and familiarise themselves with the house and the local environment. Meeting them gave us so much confidence that we were able to leave for our trip secure in the knowledge that our pets would be very well cared for and loved. During our trip we had regular updates and photos of the pets which were a joy to receive. On our return the house was just as we had left it and the pets in tip top condition. Tom has also fixed our squeaky fridge door and the bolt on our french doors. We would highly recommend this couple for their total professionalism and the loving care they gave our pets. We wish them every sucess in their future housesitting and their travels. – Maggie

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