With the Internet, it has become pretty easy to find out if there is a special event that is going to affect your travel. These are dates that you may want to avoid if you don’t like crowds or you may wish to attend an event like the Scottish Highland Games in Scotland.

Pope Francis just announced he is adding another trip to his busy 2019 travel schedule with a three-day visit to Romania May 31-June 2. Not only will this effect Bucharest, but also Iasi in northeastern, and Blaj.

For major events like Mardi Gras, in Rio de Janeiro (Brazil) or New Orleans (USA), you may need to make reservations several months, up to a year in advance. The other problem may be that prices are double to triple what a typical trip costs. If you are excited about attending Mardi Gras plan ahead, if you don’t like the crowds, then pick another date.

Things to think about when traveling during busy times of the year like Christmas is to be patient. You know there is a good chance there will be weather delays, overcrowding, and anxiety for those who do not travel often. One tip, I’m going to throw in here is when scheduling your flights if you have a choice between changing planes in Chicago or Dallas in the middle of winter, which one should you choose? Dallas of course, plus they have great BBQ where you can pick up at the airport.

Packing tips – take a look here.

Holidays, Special Events, and Visiting Dignitaries can all affect the crowds you may be competing with. Also, watch out for historical buildings under restoration/renovation. If you have a choice on your travel dates, be sure to do your research to see what meets your desires and needs.