GTO! The RuMe Garment Travel Organizer

Packing cubes and garment bag all rolled into one. Lightweight, washable and easy to use.

Do you feel organized when you travel? Can you find what you are going to wear easily? Packing cubes are a great way to organize your stuff. RuMe takes packing cubes to the next level. Here are my thoughts about the GTO – Garment Travel Organizer.

This one item is a great example of how to use packing cubes. There are two small cubes and two large cubes. The other side is a garment bag that can hold up to six items. Once you have finished packing you can then fold it up to fit into your carry-on or checked bag.

One added bonus for this organizer is that packing cubes do not have straps that can be used to hang the organizer on the clothes bar in your hotel room or friends room or… This unit does and is a really great extra feature. This all-in-one packing organizer comes in a variety of colors and designs.

It is believed that by using packing cubes you are able to pack more into a smaller space. I would also suggest rolling your clothes. From my experience of traveling for over two years straight that rolling clothes for packing does make them fit in a smaller space AND they are less wrinkled.

The front of the packing cubes are made of mesh, so you can see what is in each cube. I used this travel organizer for a two-week long trip and I did find that hanging it in the closet made everything so much easier. No bending over to fumble around looking for something in your luggage and there was plenty of room for my clothes.

If you have been thinking about using packing cubes or not, you may want to take a look at this newer solution from RuMe. If you are looking for ways to be organized when you travel, give GTO – Garment Travel Organizer a try. Don’t forget it is not only packing cubes but also a garment bag.