If you have ever wanted to feel like you are on a movie set Prague is the place to be, with its cobble stone streets, fabulous old buildings, the Charles Bridge and the castle on the hill.

Here are four unusual things to try and find – if you can- in Prague, Czech Republic. 

The Peeing Men Statue

In the courtyard of the Franz Kafka Museum you will find a very unusual statue. The museum itself has mixed reviews. We just happened upon it and of course was quit surprised by the “Peeing Men Statue.” It even is animated. When people first discover this statue the expression on their faces is almost as good as the statue. My husband says it should be called “the peeing contest.”

Astronomical Clock

This medieval astronomical clock is located in a popular square, the Old Town Square. This clock dates back to 1410, which makes it the third-oldest clock in the world and it still works. In case you have not figured it out it is over 600 years old; that is impressive. The moving figures go into action at the top of every hour. Notice the figure of Death striking the time.

The Dead Horse Statue

Located in the center of Prague off the must see Wencelas Square. You have to wonder into one of the shopping arcades to find it called the Lucerna Palace. Walk into the atrium to find this famous “The Dead Horse” statue. The rider sitting on an upside down horse is almost more then you can comprehend. Created by Mr. David Cerny. Mr. Cerny has done several unusual sculptures including last year for the London Olympics a double-decker bus with arms.

John Lennon Wall

Off the beaten path you will find the John Lennon Peace Wall – if you are lucky. The graffiti is John Lennon inspired and includes tributes to Beatle songs.  It is constantly changing with sections being re-painted often. Since the 1980’s it has been a symbol for youth ideals. Located at Velkoprevorske Namest | Prague 1, Prague, Czech Republic.

There is so much more to see and do. Hopefully this small taste of Prague will inspire you to travel there if you haven’t already.