Italy was Amazing of course. We had a great tour plus several extra days on our own to explore. There is so much to talk about I am going to try and break it down into smaller blogs, so not to overwhelm all at once.

Visiting Rome's Colosseum

I am hoping to write about each of the cities we visited ie: Rome, Orvieto, Siene, San Gimignano, Montecatini, Florence, Pisa, Assisi and Venice. The cities alone will keep me busy for some time. I have to get some “paying work” done, then I am hoping to make some time to write while I still remember each remarkable city.

We also stayed at two Airbnb’s ( while in Rome. Each was very different, the host, the room, breakfast, and the location, but both were good for what we needed.

Then there are things like eating Gelato in every city we visited – a must when you travel around Italy.

So I have been missing in action, but hopefully will return soon.

Thank you for taking the time to read our blogs; we are glad you are along for the journey.