traveling_sisters_tom_graham_top_of_the_rock_nycRockefeller Center has one of the most unique views of Manhattan and beyond. A must see attraction in New York City – the Top of the Rock Observation Deck. The views from the 70th floor are to be envied.

traveling_sisers_tom_graham_top_of_the_rock_nyc_entrance traveling_sisters_cindy_graham_top_of_the_rock_nyc_fountain  Get your reserved ‘timed’ tickets online or onsite. There are a variety of packages including one that will take a tour of the gardens and some of the public art. There is also a sunrise and sunset package. Take a look at their website and see what fits best.

The elevator, called sky shuttles, will zoom up to the upper floors. The top of the elevator is clear, so look up and watch the lights going up and on the return trip down. There is a second elevator available to ascend to the 70th floor.

There are six amazing floors, three lower and three upper floors. At the very top, the 70th floor, find the best un-obstructive views in all directions. It has one of the most unique views of the Empire State Building; then spin around to see Central Park. From this spot one can see approximately 80 miles on a clear day, so what can’t be seen from here?

The observation deck was first opened in 1933. Like many of the historical buildings in Manhattan, it was closed for 20 years and re-opened on November 1, 2005. It is estimated that each day 350,000 people walk through the Rockefeller Plaza complex.

The entire Rockefeller complex is done in the art-deco style. Be sure to walk around after the trip to the top. There is a lot to see, over one million square feet of retail space, including many places to eat. traveling_sisterscindy_graham_top_of_the_rock_nyc_ice_rinkFrom October to April the ice skating rink is open. Grab a hot cup of coffee, tea or hot chocolate and sit and watch the ice skaters.

Another famous event that happens here is the world-renowned Christmas tree. The tree is huge, usually around 85 feet tall. It takes days to decorate. Elaborate scaffolding is set up around the tree to help reach all of its limbs. They use 45,000 LED lights. It is beautiful to see day or night in December.

Top of the Rock is like going to the top of the world. Be ready to be amazed by the views, a New York attraction not to be missed.

30 Rockefeller Plaza New York, NY
Entrance on 50th Street between Fifth and Sixth Avenues.

Closest subway stops are

  • B, D, F, or M to the 47-50th Street Rockefeller Center stop
  • 1 Train to the 50th Street stop
  • 6 Train to the 51st Street stop
  • N or R to the 49th Street stop

Daily from 8am – Midnight.
Last elevator goes up at 11pm.

Ticket Prices
Remember there is a variety of ticket packages take the time to see what fits best.

Website Link

Tickets start at:

  • $32 for adults
  • $30 for seniors
  • $26 for children 6-12 years of age

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