In this case, the answer is 9. Two of which were important! Like no smoke detector, more about that later. When you book a hotel room, you expect certain standards, well that is not what you always get. To make all this a bit crazier they had just renovated the room. At first glance, it looked like a nice room. Let’s look at the small to important problems with this hotel room.

No Light Bulb in Lamp

Can’t turn on the light without a light bulb.

You would have thought someone would have noticed this, but I can say that with most of the following issues. There were several other light fixtures in the room, so not a big deal but still a bit of an inconvenience.

No Cold Water

In the bathroom, the sink had no cold water. The valve that needed to be turned was too close to the wall. There was no way to turn the valve. The bathtub did have cold water if you needed some. But really, no one figured out the cold water didn’t work?

The smoke detector is in the bag – not where it suppose to be. Look on the right you can’t turn the valve for the cold water.

Smoke Detector Removed

And where did we find the smoke detector? In a bag under the bathroom sink (the one where there was no cold water). Someone had wrapped it up in a bag, but it still beeped. So I unwrapped the unit and took the battery out.

No Coffee Maker

coffee stand
There was a coffee stand, but no coffee maker!

The stand that the coffee maker should have been sitting on was there and the little draws had coffee and tea makings, but no coffee maker. There was no way to make coffee, which made my other half not too happy.


There was a nice big new tv, but the person who hung it up didn’t center it in the space it was supposed to go. Okay, so this is one of those little things, but still, it just looked wrong.

Microwave 1

When I went to use the microwave and there were no lights on. Apparently, they had run out of places to plug things in so they didn’t plug in the microwave. But I was not to be dissuaded. I moved the furniture the microwave was in over to a plug. I plugged it in and it worked – it was brand new. But that is not how the room was designed to work – smile.

On the left, you can see where I plugged in the microwave – it now works! Notice the gap on right, I had to pull it over about afoot.

Microwave 2

It is amazing how many places we have been where the protective plastic over keypads, digital readouts, things like that are still there. The ones that are supposed to be removed once the unit has been installed, of course, the plastic was still there. It came off immediately.

No Breakfast

The hotel had a nice separate breakfast room, but it was not re-opened yet. I wish they would have told us. When I made the reservation, it said breakfast was included. With Covid, I guess I needed to call and confirm. Wish they had mentioned it before we got there.


There is one more thing but can’t think of it now, four months later. Do you know how many other places we have been since then? Fortunately, I got pictures of most of them. I think this will be one of those things I wake up in the middle of the night and remember what it was.

Even with all that, the price was right and the bed was comfortable. It was easy to get to San Francisco from the hotel and that was what we were looking for.