On the first night in a new location, be it a hotel or your friends home, when I am ready for bed I don’t want to have to think about it. So tip one use a bag of some kind to store everything you need for bed. This should include your pajamas, medications, toothbrush and paste (or toiletry kit), and a good book to read or write in.

I like using ebags because they have a handle, great for grabbing and going, you can see through the mesh, so you know you have what you need, and they zipper nicely. Last time I looked at their website they were hard to find – look under travel accessories.

Tip two pack light. If you are questioning whether to bring it or not, leave it home. Can you buy it when you get there if you really, really need it? We often buy souvenir shirts wherever we go or better yet go shopping and buy one shirt any place your travels take you. You will wear it for years and smile every time you put it on. Also remember you don’t need five pairs of shoes – ever.

Tip three, have at least a weeks worth of medications you need with you in your carry-on luggage. To avoid possible delays keep them in their original prescription bottles, especially if you are traveling international. We have never had a problem, knock on wood. You want to avoid problems especially when it is easy to do. If you use those pill boxes in your checked bag, we wrap them in plastic wrap and put them inside a zip lock bag. Normally they will not open and if they do the medications will be contained in the bag.

Tip four, and maybe the most important, roll your clothes. Don’t just fold them or worse yet just throw them in the suitcase. In the picture I have three shirts and a pair of long pants. They take up so little room I could take sooo much more or leave the space so you have room for souvenirs. <smile> Part two of this tip, when you buy clothes – are they bulky, do they wrinkle quickly, and are they comfortable. There are many lightweight clothes made for traveling, and yes they can still be warm. Look at Uniqlo and other travel sites that offer travel clothes. Hidden pockets and UV protection are also good to keep in mind when buying clothes specifically for traveling.

Final side note tip, if you are staying more than two nights be sure to use the closets and dressers that the hotel has provided for you. You will feel much better not rummaging around your suitcase ever time you need to.

Happy travels and adventures.

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