In our busy city life, security is complicating things in many unpredictable ways. Been to a game at Madison Square Gardens recently? Maybe you’ll spend the day shopping, than go off to a game or theater after dinner? Well, now you can’t take packages or backpacks into the arena, and the game is starting soon. Panic sets in! What to do?

In the greatest of American traditions, where there is a need, there will be someone there to help. Enter Vertoe. Now, instead of panicking, as you head to the game, theater, or dinner out, whip out your phone, go to the Vertoe website, and you will be directed to a nearby location where you can check your bags, or whatever they are, and head off to your event unencumbered. Voila! Brilliant.

Vertoe has over 80 secure locations around Manhattan and surrounding area, and is growing rapidly, adding new locations almost daily. The magic in this is, it matches up retailers with some unused storage space in their shops, with people needing to park their stuff for a few hours. This may be the latest service to join the sharing society movement sweeping the world. And it appears to be a good value for the service they provide.

Easy, convenient and safe way to store your items at local shops.

How it works videoclick here

Learn more or book your spot today via their website