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This was one of our first international trips we took (many years ago) that started our love of traveling - where is it - Prague. What a fab time we had there. It felt like a movie set. Loved every minute. #travel #Prague #CzechRepublic

Boston walking along the north bay. Sorry you can't see it but there is a huge yacht out at the end. One of those multi-million dollar ones. Beautiful day in Boston. #travel #Boston #boats

What a place - Luxury Tent Camping!! Opening in November - Shinta Mani Wild in Cambodia. Zip line in and enjoy your beautiful surroundings. #travel #Cambodia

They call this luxury tent camping. Wow amazing place. You take a zip line from the front entrance to the Landing Zone Bar! (or you can wimp out and take a jeep). #LuxuryTravel #travel #TentCamping #Cambodia More about this place later today.

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