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So exciting, was just invited to be a guest on the show "Travel Itch Radio," in November. Wish me luck that I don't get tongue tied!! Smile
Photo by Neil Godding #travel #TravelItchRadio #TravelShow

I do love to live near the water. This is in Trieste, Italy. So many beautiful places to see. #travel #beautiful #TuesdayMotivation Trying to fill my piggy bank as quick as I can so I can go to more places in this big world!

Sunset picture from my friend that lives in Florida! Hope you enjoyed your sunset where ever you our.
#travel #Sunset

This is a section of the Berlin Wall donated, by Berlin, to the Battery Park area in New York City on the 15th anniversary in 2004. I am glad I found it, wish it was in a better location. Here is the front and back side. #travel #BatteryPark #History

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