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Exploring Culzean Castle in Scotland

Imagine 600 acres of peaceful and serene Scottish countryside to explore including a castle. It is perched on a cliff and the views from the water up to the castle make a formidable site. On land, one funny thing to share is the entrance to the viaduct that leads to...

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Impressive Dollhouse Museum in Switzerland

At the Dollhouse Museum in Basel, Switzerland, you will find what may be the world’s most extensive collection of dollhouses, miniatures and teddy bears. The variety and craftsmanship will dazzle you. Don’t let the name dissuade you, the museum is perfect for all...

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Tom and Cindy

Tom and Cindy

Twenty-five countries and counting. Tom is a professional photographer and Cindy is a freelance writer and organizes how they will get to their next location. They both delight in writing and hope you will savor their ramblings about travel, tips and fantastic places to visit.