1. Medieval Walled City

A unique feature of York is that it was a medieval walled city. Over 2 miles of walls still exist. It does have a steep drop (no guard rails) so it may not be appropriate for some children. The walls are well preserved and make a wonderful walk and as you walk along it provides great views too.

2. Clifford’s Tower

After being burnt down twice this tower was rebuilt in the 13th Century. Be sure you are ready to climb many stairs. The last part is a narrow spiral staircase that will take you to the top where there are amazing views of York.

3. Cathedral of York – called York Ministry

History, history, history and it’s big. The Roman Emperor, Constantine (272-337 AD) was proclaimed Emperor while visiting the city. The city was known at the time as Eboracum. The Ministry is one of the largest in Northern Europe. It even has its own police force. Only seven out of over 3,000 cathedrals in the world have its own police force. It is a must see on any visit.

4. Easy to Get to from London

From Kings Cross, London to York you can hop on a non-stop train and be there in about 2 hours. It could even be a day out although I would recommend staying a couple of nights if you can. There is so much to see and do. And by the way take the train, if you go by car it will take twice as long. You will not need a car in York if you stay in the city center – everyone walks.

5. Tea

cynthia_graham_earl_grey_tea_room_york_2017  Like most of the UK, York has a long list of great places to stop for tea including the famous Betty’s Café Tea Rooms, Earl Grey Tea Rooms and the Teddy Bear Tea Rooms. Closer to the Cathedral (York Ministry) you will find a small tea room that we enjoyed a cupcake and tea at called Crumbs Cupcakery.

6. Shambles Market & Street

cynthia_graham_shambles_market_york_2017Shambles Street and daily market are a destination all by themselves. The historical market in the heart of York abounds with tempting crafts and fresh produce. It has a very different look than London, more medieval with its timber frame structures dating back to the 14th Century. The buildings have loads of character. The market has over 85 stalls, so not just a simple street market but also a destination.

7. Restaurants Abound and So Much More

cynthia_graham_slug_and_lettuce_york_2017Who doesn’t enjoy dinning out? In York the problem will be which one! We found so many restaurants’ that we would have loved to try. (A good reason to go back.) One place along the river that we went to, that we had to get past its name first, was – The Slug and Lettuce. The front is a bar; if you wander back a little further there is table service. We had a great window table over looking the river. The atmosphere was lively and the food was good. There are two locations in York.

And to top it all off it is great for children too.

Have you been to York? Please share your favorite place to see in York.